SAP HANA Online Training

SAP HANA Course Content

1.SAP HANA Introduction
2.SAP In-Memory Strategy
3.HANA compare to BWA

Look &Feel
1.In-Memory Computing Studio
2.Administration view
3.Navigator View
4.System Monitor
5.Information Modeler

1.Overview Of Architecture
2.IMCE and Surroundings
3.Row Store
4.Column Store
5.Loading data into HANA
6.Data Modeling
8.Persistent Layer
9.Backup & Recovery

Data Provisioning
1.Replication Server
2.Replication Process
3.Replication Architecture
4.Data Services

1.Basic Data service Connection types
2.New to Data services 40
3.Full Extractor though ODP
4.Configure Import server
5.Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA

1.Purpose of Information Modeler
2.Levels of Modeling in SAP HANA
3.Attribute Views
4.Analytic Views
5.Calculation Views
5.Export & Import

1.HANA, Reporting Layer
2.Connectivity options
3.Business Objets BI 40
4.Business Objects BI 40 Explorer
5.Business Objects BI 40 Enterprise
6.Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections
7.Others & MS Excel

User Management
1.Users Creation
2.Creation of Roles
3.Creation of Role Hierarchy
4.Assignment of Users to Roles
6.IMCE Authorizations

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    Thanks to Teksonit…

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    The Blog created by you is very informative for the students about SAP HANA ONLINE TRAINING for the students who are looking for the sap career.

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